Advantages and Disadvantages of the Hair Loss Protocol

Balding or hair loss is one of the most awkward cosmetic problem in the world today. As a result, there advantages and disadvantagesare many products and remedies that claim to work miracles and stop this strange occurence and even promote hair growth. Most of the claims about these products might be scams but there are actually a few genuine products out there. One of the products that has come to the rescue is Hair loss Protocol & The Rebuild Hair Program, the new cure for balding.

What exactly is It?

This is a system developed by Jared Gates who also suffered from hair loss and is now a hair loss experts. The system is simple and it involve 100% natural, practical and easy ways to restore the state of your hair. The method was developed based on the fact that balding in both men and women is caused by build up of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). An enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase is responsible for transforming testosterone into DHT. Numerous research has confirmed that hair loss can be attributed to the accumulation of DHT on the hair roots and shaft.

Hair loss protocol uses this knowledge by inhibiting the amount of 5-alpha- reductase in the body using naturally occurring products. These include vegetables, minerals, fruits, vitamins and herbs. Once the levels of DHT have been controlled, hair is bound to regrow.

What are the advantages?

  1. It is natural

The major advantage of hair loss protocol is that it is all natural. It does not involve surgery or any products that may cause harm to the human body. This program is more of a lifestyle change which entails a change in one’s diet. That makes it easy enough for anyone to try out.

  1. It is easy

This method does not involve complicated guidelines. All you have to do is follow the diet plans then sit back and watch your hair grow back. It is as simple as that.

    3 . It has no side effects

It has no side effects since it uses natural methods to promote regrowth of hair. Results start showing after around two weeks.

  1. It is cheap

In order to access this program, you need to pay a one time fee of $39. This is very cheap compared to all other methods that are found out there. You are also offered a 90-day money-back guarantee in case you do not achieve the desired results.

What are the disadvantages?

The hair loss protocol program is only available in soft copy. This proves to be an inconvenience for people who prefer reading hard-copies or printed books. It is also challenging for people with inadequate internet knowledge to purchase the program online. Another major disadvantage associated with this system is the fact that it requires a great deal of patience. Balancing the hormones in the body is not an easy task and it might take some time before seeing the results.

Does it cure balding

So far, the program has assisted over 90,000 men and women regain a thicker, fuller and healthier hair in a period of four weeks. Bald men get a double advantage since the program not only regrows their hair, it also reduces the risk of getting prostate hyperplasia(prostate enlargement).

In conclusion, the program is indeed an effective cure for balding. Try it out today, after all, you have nothing to lose.


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